About Us

Who We Are:

  • Founded in 1987, Space Technology Inc. is the LEADER across the United States in raising the roofs of industrial buildings.
  • Our dedicated team of EXPERT roof lifting engineers has successfully lifted hundreds of buildings nationwide with a 100% safety record.

What We Do:

  • Space Technology Inc. lifts your existing roof INTACT to 2 or 3 times its original height.
  • Roof lifting immediately TRANSFORMS industrial buildings from obsolete to modern, high-cube structures.
  • We offer FREE detailed cost estimates for all buildings.
  • Our unique roof lifting system can be SAFELY performed in an occupied building allowing daily work to continue with little to no inconvenience.

How We Do It:

  • Space Technology Inc. is the EXCLUSIVE source for the patented “E-Z Riser” process.
  • The “E-Z Riser” system INVENTED the roof lifting industry.
  • Learn more about the “E-Z Riser’ process HERE.