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Lift a Building’s Roof to

Create More Space

Add Value and Increase Marketability

What We Do


Space Technology Inc. (S.T.I.) - Lifts your existing roof intact to 2 or 3 times its original height.
Exclusive source for the patented “E-Z Riser” process, which has been raising the roof of Industrial Buildings since 1972.

Why Lift Your Roof?

  • Immediately transforms buildings from obsolete to modern, high-cube structures:
    • Landlords attract tenants
    • Brokers expand marketability
    • Buyers improve acquisitions
    • Warehouse Users/Manufacturers avoid relocation
  • Lower Cost & Quicker Completion than any construction alternative
  • Avoids Increased Taxes, Land & Parking Requirements
  • Green Solution: “Recycles” by elevating EXISTING structure, decking, insulation, roofing, lighting, heating, sprinklers, and roof-mounted equipment.
  • Only S.T.I. and the E-Z Riser process safely raise a roof in occupied buildings, allowing early occupancy, or growth without relocation or disruption

Watch the E-Z Riser Roof Lifting System Video

The E-Z Riser Edge:

The E-Z Riser Process invented the Roof Lifting Industry, and has been the industry standard since 1972. Others have come and gone, using haphazard lifting methods, trying to imitate its success. But only the E-Z Riser system offers the following:

100% Safety:

No “Swiss Cheese” Slabs:
Not An On-The-Job Training Exercise:
Fully Occupied Lifts:
Methods have been attempted which separate the roof from its support structure, then fight wind and gravity with guy wires and building blocks. Only E-Z Riser keeps the structure intact, thereby maintaining and even improving stability and integrity throughout the entire process Any lifting method dependent on guy wires needs an array of anchor bolts, leaving “swiss cheese” holes in the floor slab. Only E-Z Riser uses the building’s existing structure, maintaining stability and avoiding floor damage. E-Z Riser work crews are experienced roof-lifting experts. They fabricate the steel in-house, deliver and install it, accomplish the lift, and enclose the new height. Most crew members have been performing this work for over 10 years. We don't license the process or rent out proprietary equipment to others. The E-Z Riser Process is so safe and secure that it is performed even in occupied warehouses, without disrupting ongoing operations, and without needing to vacate the roof-lift area.