Case Histories for Landlords and Developers

Use the E-Z Riser process to transform your vacant buildings into long-term leases.
Space Technology’s Roof Lifting Process:
  • Converts your low-clearance buildings into modern high-cube structures with increased value and marketability
  • Attracts new tenants by doubling or tripling storage space within its original footprint
  • Is far cheaper and faster than traditional expansion methods
  • Keeps taxes low by not increasing square footage
  • Recycles existing structure, roof, lighting, heating, and sprinklers. The Green Solution!

Clothing Distributor Warms Up with Winter Expansion

A clothing distributor needed a major expansion of storage capacity. STI lifted and enclosed their 24,000 square foot warehouse, raising it from 14′ all the way up to 35′ clear – a 21′ increase – without disrupting ongoing warehouse operations. The project, featured in LI Business Review (WANTED: Industrial Space), used a unique procedure to prevent exposure to the winter weather. The new upper wall enclosure was attached to the roof before it was lifted. On the day of the lift, the walls rose into place along with the roof. The project added over 1/2 million cubic feet of additional storage and allowed the company to install automated high-rack storage and retrieval systems.

Developer Distinguishes His Buildings From the Pack

Faced with economic concerns over vacant buildings, a forward-thinking builder/developer sought to position his properties to be more attractive to potential tenants. S.T.I. had successfully accomplished this task for them previously, by lifting the roof of their vacant 60,000 square foot former Nabisco site from 12’ up to 30’, which immediately attracted a long-term tenant. Their second project involved a 222,000 square foot former printing facility, which S.T.I. lifted from 27’ to 40’ clear. Taller heights have become much more desirable, practical, and economical with the advance of taller reach fork lifts. To showcase their achievement, also featured in the Real Estate Journal, the owners hosted a lunch reception in the building WHILE the lifting procedure took place (also illustrating its safety). Attendees were treated to the unique vision of seeing the structure expand before their eyes. Following that success, they had S.T.I lift yet another larger (305,000 square foot) Hyundai Motors site from 26’ all the way up to 40’ to again demonstrate the current demand for higher clearances.

Developer/Owner Lands Tenant with High-Cube Need

STI lifted and enclosed a 15,200 square foot roof section of a vacant building, raising it from 14′ up to 24′ clear in a project that was featured in NY Newsday Nikon. The developer/owner was then able to attract a high-profile tenant immediately by meeting the company’s need for a section of high-cube warehouse space within its new facility.

Investors “Flip” Building for Multi-Million Dollar Profit

Investors purchased the former Mack Truck building (obsolete and vacant at 13’ clear) at an attractive price, specifically to convert it into a modern warehouse. While lifting the 368,000 foot building to 24’6” clear, the investors turned the event into a publicity bonanza. Prospective buyers and tenants, along with members of the press, witnessed the lifting procedure from inside the building, complete with catered food and live music. Not one of the 4,500 panes of skylight glass was broken during the lift, and the publicity surrounding the expansion immediately attracted a buyer and a high-profile tenant, earning the investors handsome profits.

Investors Start Raising 1,250,000 Square Foot Roof

The investors who purchased the 1,250,000 square foot former GM plant in Connecticut (the largest industrial building between New York and Boston) planned from the start to use roof lifting to attract new tenants. STI has lifted consecutive sections from 16′ up to 28′ clear, to attract high-cube users to this project which was featured in the New York Times Out-dated Factories Find New Roles. The first tenant occupies 400,000 square feet. The second took 300,000 square feet. Each section is lifted to attract capacity-conscious warehouse users.

New Owner Raises Roof and Raises Building’s Value

A developer, (a prominent Real Estate Investment Trust) bought a building in an attractive area that had been vacant for several years. The developer lifted the entire 154,000 square foot roof “on speculation” from 14’ to 25’ clear, and STI installed a special decorative enclosure. This project was featured in the New York Times. The upgraded facility attracted “prestige tenants” and was promptly leased.