Green Building

When you raise the existing roof of an industrial building, you also:


Preserve the existing electrical, HVAC, and sprinkler systems. The integrity of these utilities remains fully intact, vertically extended only for the height of the lift.


Re-Cyle over 95% of the building’s existing materials — instead of adding square footage, roof-raising yields 2 or 3 times the original capacity, yet avoids the need for using up new land, eliminates excavation, and maintains the same environmental “footprint”.


Re-Use the entire roof, decking, tons of support structure, insulation materials, and surface coating — instead of demolition and rebuilding, which would require these items to be carefully removed, disposed of properly, and then replaced, with the associated environmental costs of discarding and re-creating them.

Save Money

Save Money not just with reduced initial construction costs, but also by avoiding increased recurring taxes based on additional square footage, and enhanced by qualifying for valuable subsidies and grants in conjunction with commercial recycling incentives, and complying with emerging “Green” standards.